Dr. Pataki Éva

Title: Assistant Lecturer

Qualification: TEFL and English Literature (MA), (Debrecen University); Ph.D. in Literary and Cultural Studies, Debrecen University, Doctoral Program of English Literary Studies

Office hours: Mondays and Fridays 12 am – 1 pm

Office: A/6, room 1

Email: vicapataki76(at)gmail.com

Academic Interests: postcolonial literature; British Asian fiction and film; cultural, gender and identity studies

Curriculum vitae         MTMT




PÉ egyéni órarend 2017-18 II. félév

Reading list for American Studies (Track)

Reading list, American Studies 2017-18

American Literature 1

AmLit1, BTANN409_BTOAN4N04, syllabus 2018

AmLit1, BTANL409SZM_BTOAN4L04, syllabus 2018

American Literature 2

American Literature 3

AmLit3, BTOAN6N02, syllabus 2018

AmLit3, BTOAN6N02, GRAD syllabus 2018

American Film

Autobiographical Narratives

AutobioNarr, BTANN403AMI, syllabus 2018

Introduction to British and American Literature

Intro to Brit and Am Lit, syllabus CV 2018

Literary History 3

LitHist3, BTANN601ANI, syllabus 2018

Literature in Language Teaching 1

Literature in Language Teaching 2

Literature in Language Teaching 2, BTOSVLA207, syllabus 2018

Reading and Writing 1

Reading and Writing 2

Reading and Writing 2, BTANN205-1ALM, syllabus, 2018

Reading and Writing 2, BTANL205ALM_BTOAN2L10-01, syllabus 2018

Tradition and Innovation in Contemporary British Prose Fiction 1

Tradition and Innovation in Contemporary British Prose Fiction 2

Tradinno2, BTMTAN205_BTOSVLA205-3, syllabus 2018

Written Communication 1

Written Communication 2

WritComm 2 CV, BTANN401SZM__BTANL401SZM_BTOANL401SZM, syllabus 2018

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